Online Best Budget Gaming Options

People often think that playing video games is just a waste of time. But they are not aware that playing video games can actually improve your child’s perming skills, which is very useful to perform daily activities. Children who are shy and have lack of confidence may find it easier to open up when playing video games. By playing online games, your children can interact with many people, even people they do not know . Playing video games even reduce your child’s stress and refresh their mind. It even increase their thinking power. Playing video games or online games have useful benefits like team building spirit, and also video games help children become more active. They’re more likely to try out the moves on the video games then in real life whether it be skateboarding or playing basketball they can learn everything here. But we often get confused whether which gaming gadget you should go for, also it should be in your budget and should suit your needs. Here are some gaming gadgets you can opt out for getting best gaming experience.

NVIDIA Shield – Launched in the year 2013, NVIDIA shield gives you thousands of best Android games with amazing graphics and smooth play. Its an Android powered handset that that comes from one of the biggest names in graphics. You also get google play store for music,movies and apps which you can use anywhere at anytime. NVIDIA knows what a serious player is looking for, this is the reason why they give a PC quality experience to all the gamers.

Alienware 17 – The Alienware gaming laptop line got a completely new designs and features by Dell in the Year 2013. The Alienware 17 can be called as one of the most powerful gaming rigs. It comes with a stunning sexy look and excellent HD display and graphics. The Alienware 17 will provide you with the best ever gaming experience you can ever imagine. Its a perfect choice for people looking for an immense gaming experience only thing is you have to pay a little more but the Alienware 17 is worth it.

Microsoft Xbox One Call of Duty bundle – No doubt The Xbox One is not a new product but this bundle will always be the best choice for gamers out there. It comes with 1TB hard drive and a new controller design. It also includes the Day 0 edition of the game. It will give you an exclusive gaming and content. Well,The Xbox One is sold in two different formats that is with or without Kinect. Without any discounts, Xbox One with Kinect is for $500, and $400 without the Kinect. The graphics are quite impressive and can combine and control live TV with Kinect.

Nintendo 3DS XL – The Nintendo 3DS XL comes with two big screens and loaded with the best games. It is a perfect piece for your kids who will get a great gaming feeling. Best part about Nintendo 3DS XL is that you don’t have to pay a huge amount for it. The Nintendo 3DS is a portal to exclusive Nintendo franchise sequels and spin-offs, it is credited for giving out the best unique content. Like any good portable device, the 3DS has a built-in rechargeable battery too.

Super Slim PlayStation 3: – As the name suggest its has a super slim body. Its a power gaming machine with a slim and thin body. It provides you with the best ever gaming library. you can choose between two models, the first 250GB model, is for $270. The second bundle is for $300 and comes with 500GB .

Mitashi GameIn ThunderPro Quad-core Console – If you are looking for something different yet willing to get the best gaming experience then Mitashi GameIn ThunderPro Quad-core Console is the best option for you. It comes with a 5-inch WVGA display, a quad-core 1.6GHz processor with a quad-core Mali 400MHz GPU, 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage and you can even expand unto 32Gb storage via microSD card. it has the latest aneroid KitKat version. The device supports 8/ 16/ 32 bit games along with the Android games which you can get in Play Store. Also, it comes with a much affordable price.